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baoding balls,chinese baoding balls
baoding balls,chinese baoding balls
Product name : baoding balls,chinese baoding balls
Item : YTB-701
Price :
Details :

Baoding balls have several styles if judged it from  its surface's difference
We have silver color chrome plating baoding ball,
normal cloisonne boading ball,
and super cloisonne bao ding balls,
stone baoding balls,
and hand painting baoding balls.
Here this style is baoding balls with horse by hand painting.
If other baoding balls just used for exercising, but this style baoding iron ball can be as a special gift.
In this world, you could not find any other same products like it.
This ball is only produced by baoding,China.
All ther designs were drawn by hand bit by bit.
And if you have beautiful picture also wanted to make on the ball, we can do it too.

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