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Stainless steel Chiming Baoding Balls
Stainless steel Chiming Baoding Balls
Product name : Stainless steel Chiming Baoding Balls
Item : YTB-801
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Details :
 Stainless steel Chiming Baoding Balls
 In the past years, we made too many chrome plating chiming baoding balls ,
 somotimes we will get complaint from end customers, they said, the surface of ball would be worn off.
 We do not deny this point.
 If you do not let 2 pieces ball separate to spin, always let these 2 balls touch,  the surface would be worn off.
 Sure, could not be worn off within short time, need long time touching then may happen this matter.

Now, we used the new material to solve this problem.
We used the Stainless steel to make Baoding balls, then the balls will not be rusty again, and never worry its touching problems.  More important the chiming sound will be more sweet.
So that you can keep one pair health balls forever.

Any interesting welcome to contact us, we can deliver you sample.  


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