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can you make custom petanque boules set with our logo
We always get this kind of message , can you make custom boules set with our logo?

Sure, we can , we can make your logo on the  metal boules ball by 3 different ways.  Here we will make a unified reply to tell you their difference.

1- by laser.

We can make your own design on the metal petanque by  laser.

Making logo by laser, the cost is the cheapest. 

Just the logo's depth is short,and could not make various colors like your logo, only can keep its original dark yellow color.  However other 2 ways can make any colors  like your logo picture totally.

2- by printing.

We can make your logo on the metal boules ball by printing. 

Making logo by printing, the cost will be a little higher than by laser.

And the logo on the ball will be easily to rub away. Not firm surely.

3- by engraving. There are 2 ways  about how to make engraving.

one is human engraving,one is machine engraving.

Machine engraving ,the logo can be made very nice, but its cost is also not cheaper.

But if you choose engraving by human, the cost can be cheaper more, just the logo seems not so perfect than made it by machine engraving. and if the design was too complex, human engraving can not work well. You have to choose machine engraving again.

Then you have known so many knowledge about making logo on the petanque sets.

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