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Where to buy the baoding balls
                                    Where to buy  baoding balls?
We are Tianci Ball Manufactory in China, the leading manufacturer of Chinese baoding balls .
MOQ: 500pairs. We do not make reatail, so we donot sell 1 or 2 pairs.
We can supply chrome plating stress exercise metal music baoding balls;
we also sell cloisonne qigong balls qigong kuglen with different designs.
And we also can make key ring health baoding balls.
Size from 25mm in diameter to 30mm-35mm-40mm-45mm-50mm-55mm.
Package included, brocade box, papaer box, wooden box.
No matter you want to wholesale or retail boading balls or want to make custom balls ,
we all can provide you nice price and professional service.
How to contact?  info@ballmanufactory.com
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Where to buy baoding balls