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Where to buy Chinese stress Health baoding balls
 Where to buy Chinese stress health baoding balls?


When i am planning to write this article, i am almost crying. Bcoz when i checked these balls pictures i would realized how hard for us to make the baoding balls.

Buying the steel plate firstly and then make to half bowl ;

Install the bell plate ;and electric welding;

 Polish again and again ;

If need chrome plating ball, then make chrome plating;

If need cloisonne ball or hand drawing ball, then need to make design continually.

And then recheck and the last is packing.

Each ball need to make by our workers hands.

Chinese stress health ball is very useful for us. Rotating on the palm can stimulate the acupuncture points , let the blood and energy to move. No jam no illness. If you do not want to eat medicine ,go to hospital , then practise now. You will get health.

We also welcome companies ,stores, supermarkets, gifts shops can sell more Chinese massage ball, introduce this ball to the customers. Let the metal Baoding ball bring you more happiness.