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Where to buy 8pcs metal boules set
 Once you want to buy  metal boules set,  you do not know where can buy boules set in nice price and also have a good quality.

Even though you can search by google, by bing, by yahoo, but there are so many results still let you confuse which company is the best supplier of metal boules ball?

Tianci Ball Manufactory in China,  devoted to metal boules ball's production and sales for many years.

We do not make retail, only wholesale , the MOQ is 300 sets.

But you can get the best price from us.

If you want to make custom personalized petanque, we also can help you to come true.

No matter the color of ball, the pattern of ball, the package of ball, the size of ball, we all can supply different custom option. 

1- Color of  the petanque ball, have silver color, golden color, black color, green color, blue, yellow and more.

2- Pattern of petank ball, we have more than 30 pcs different pattern option, we also can make custom strip .

3- Size of boules ball, can be 32mm, 50mm, 65mm,73mm in diameter .

4- Package for petank ball, we have nylon case in black color, red color, green color and blue color; can be 2pcs per set, 3 pcs per set, 4 pcs ball per set, 6pcs ball per set and 8 pcs ball per set. also have wooden box, aluminum case and plastic box, pu bag. 

5- how to make your logo or design.  We can make your design by embroidery , printing, sticker .

We are ready, any interesting to make your custom boules set or want to sell petank welcome to contact us for more details.

url: www.ballmanufactory.com

Email: info@ballmanufactory.com

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