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These 20 kinds of people need to buy Baoding balls
 May be you do not know what is the Baoding ball? And what benefits you can get through playing Boading ball? And where to buy the baoding iron ball, and how to play Chinese baoding balls?

Here is a video ,you can find all the answers here,


When you know these  information,maybe you still do not know which kind of person should play metal chiming baoding balls. Today we summarize   20 kinds of people need to play baoding balls.


1-  If you feel your wrist painful;


2- if you feel your finger numb;


3- if you feel your finger not flexible


4-if you feel your hand has not strength;


5- if you feel your shoulder painful;


6- if you feel you can not sleep well;


7- if you have high blood pressure illness;


8- if you have coronary  heart disease;


9- if you do not want to eat, inappetence ;


10- if you feel heavy press and unhappy everyday;


11- if you are old and can not remember many things;


12- if you got chronic illness  and want to recover thoroughly;


13- if you want to play guitar very well, want to  flexible fingers; 


14- if you are a artist; want to flexible fingers too;


15- if you are doctor ,need to flexible fingers too;


16- if you want to choose one special gift ;


17- special gift for old men;


18- special gift for mum;


19- special gift for business customers;


20- special gift for patient.


In China, just you played baoding balls continually, most of them are living more than90 years old. And have a good health, good memory and sleep and appetite.


They are just old, but very happy everyday .Do hope this small but useful Chinese chiming ball can bring you health too.


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