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New idea to play hand massage ball

Today i thought of much about Chinese meditation theory.

As a Chinese, i know the body like a circle, if some where traffic jam ,here will be pain and ill.

I also know, we have many acupuncture points on our body, especially on the palm and foot, there have most of acupuncture points.

So we can massage this 2 parts to stimulate the acupuncture points , then make our body do not happen traffic jam again, we will become more health.

When i think of these, i have no time to play my metal hand massage baoding balls, suddenly i thought  why i do not massage the ball by my feet?

Even though many Yoga studios have used the rubber massage ball to exercise the different parts of our body.

However i think i am the first person who thought of to play the metal balls by foot .

Why not using metal balls? They also can emit lovely chiming, like a song.

And it is hard,can stimulate your foot effectively.

Suppose you were watching TV, and do not want to use you hand either, try to use your foot to roll your metal chiming ball on the blanket, also a good feeling.

You will get relax and have a good dream late.

Ok, do remember, stimulate the acupuncture points on palm and foot more and more, hand massage metal ball also can play by foot.

Thanks reading and welcome to share with more people who need.
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