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Metal petanque boules ball-hollow ball

Sometimes, customers will ask us, what was filled with inside of petanque ball ? 
Most of metal petanque boules ball were filled with stone powder .

Some other customers also ask us to make hollow petanque ball .
Thus we will use the thick steel plate to make in order to arrive in the weight which customer asked.

petanque ball-hollow ball
  Firstly, making the steel plate to 2 pcs  bowl ,

and then welding to be a ball.

 Making logo design on the petanque ball by engraving 

Then make chrome plating or hard chrome plating according to customer's request.
Then the petanque ball was finished. 

 Our company is the professional factory of metal boules petanque ball in China, any of your request about petanque ball welcome to find us, we all can meet your idea.